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Non-Profits - Create, curate and distribute content


You work tirelessly for your cause and every effort makes a world of difference.

Let mediaHUB℠ make it easy for you to create, curate and distribute content that communicates your passion and impact to funders, volunteers, and the public. Deliver media rich campaigns that will help drive your work and create social awareness.


Impress your grantors with effective campaign data and metrics.

Your mission is important and so is staying in touch with those who support it. Deliver bright, dynamic content that reminds them how much their generosity means and how their continued involvement makes so much difference.

  • Share project deliverables with grantors as milestones are achieved with rich content that goes beyond compliant
  • Distribute crisp, engaging ad campaigns to decision makers at every level
  • Brand content to highlight grantor’s involvement at every level
  • Stay connected to past grantors and potential funding sources by pushing content through email and social media seamlessly


Engage and track grantee activity like never before.

mediaHUB℠ robust collaboration tools make it easy to share, create and deliver not just funds but ideas. Be involved in your funded projects no matter how far away and deliver the support and knowledge only you can provide.

  • Monitor project progress with robust collaboration tools making sure your funds are making the intended impact
  • Set up distribution channels for installment payments for long term projects and renewable monies
  • Deliver logos, videos, and merchandising to recipients for full visibility for your organization
  • Push proposal deadlines, funding opportunities and organizational mission statements to potential partners through email

Public Awareness.

Garner additional support in volunteers, donors, petition drives and more.

The fulfillment of your mission relies on overall awareness and support. Take full advantage of mediaHUB℠ multiple distribution channel capabilities to deliver your message to the public where they are.

  • Deliver your web updates to email seamlessly
  • Automatically push new video content to social media, email and web for optimal effect
  • Create channels for media outlets to access and report on your successes and share your authorized content through their channels
  • Built-in analytics allow you to measure your reach with detailed user information allowing you to tailor your message in different markets


Communicate your mission through media-rich campaigns that reach your target.

Whether you’re raising funds, recruiting volunteers, or organizing a fundraiser, mediaHUB℠ gives you all the tools you need to create, curate and deliver media-rich advertising campaigns with maximum benefit.

  • Collaborate on multi-channel campaigns with asset sharing, annotating and commenting tools
  • MediaHUB gives you branding options to make each campaign unique
  • Store, update and deliver clean, crisp logos, insignia and slogans to ad banners
  • Multi tenant environment allows you to instantly push your content to internal users and organizations for immediate distribution throughout your network

Social Media.

Get in the conversation and lead the trending topics of today.

Bring the most engaging, bright and captivating content to the places your users are -- social networks. Take advantage of trending topics and join the conversation with videos and images that capture attention and bring awareness to your mission.

  • Push new content to all major social media networks
  • Track shared content views and engagement so you can always promote your most effective message and those who create it
  • Leave canned responses behind and participate in the conversation with notifications allowing you to bring the best outreach to everyone involved
  • Brand your media across platforms so your organization stays in focus in a sea of competing content


Strengthen partnerships with tools that support your collaborations.

The most successful campaigns are the result of partnerships and working on a shared goal is easier with mediaHUB℠.

  • Create user based libraries of all your project’s documents and media with permissions that can be defined to the asset level
  • Use VOD and communication tools to thread important conversations, deliver updates, or celebrate milestones across locations
  • Share sensitive donor, recipient and participant information with robust security protocols
  • The multi-tenant environment allows disparate users the ability to comment, organize and update shared assets in real time


Optimize your content for playback and view on any device.

Your work takes you a lot places and mediaHUB℠ ensures your most important assets are available in the field, on the commute, and at every event.

  • Built-in device detection optimized digital content for any device on any operating system
  • Web, video and image display formatted for mobile screens
  • Reach your donors, volunteers and external partners anywhere, anytime with powerful mobile capabilities allowing you to share, comment and edit in real time
  • Robust security protocols mean you can share sensitive information even on the go

eMail & Web.

Dynamically update your website content with ease for regular visitor engagement.

Your homepage is your first impression. Make it a good one and show off how impactful your work has been for so many with bright, crisp, dynamic content seamlessly updated.

  • Schedule content updates to coincide with community events, national awareness campaigns, or targeted outreach
  • Brand your projects at each level for easy online identification and improved access
  • Schedule and send an unveiling of a new project, groundbreaking advancement or thrilling fundraiser with dynamic media right in users’ inboxes
  • Create restricted libraries for use only by permission within the intranet

Fundraising Events.

WOW your community at every turn. Electrify your events with your best media assets.

It takes a lot of support and dedication to make things run smoothly for a gala, festival or auction. Use the power of mediaHUB℠ collaboration tools, pricing structures and analytics to maximize every fundraising effort.

  • Live webcast, share, and archive your best event moments all in one central location.
  • Organize, update and share all branding logos, slogans and event materials
  • Sell admission and sponsorship and take monetary donations right from the platform using the dynamic-eCommerce module
  • Easily collaborate with venues, service providers and sponsors
  • Measure attendance, sponsorship and support with robust analytics tools and manage your next campaign with deeper knowledge
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