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Provide unrivaled care with unmatched technology.

Delivering the highest quality healthcare is what you do everyday. mediaHUB℠ organizes, distributes and secures all the critical content that supports your team of health professionals on campus, on-call and in all corners of the globe. Collaborate, share and educate from one easy platform.



Privacy, security, and accessibility for patients and physicians through advanced authentication.

Protecting patient privacy is not only ethical; it’s federal law. Your electronic records are safe, secure and federally compliant.

  • Provide access to important training and compliance materials to all staff and faculty
  • ASC X12N or NCPDP compatible, mediaHUB℠ transactions are always HIPAA compliant
  • Integration with all required code sets including new ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS
  • Secure storage and transmission of any personally identifiable patient information
  • System wide alerts of any breaches and seamless notification of breaches to meet all federal requirements


Between specialists, disparate teams, or across multiple locations care can be coordinated with ease.

Some cases are handled simply and internally but other times a network of professionals are needed to provide a holistic solution. Secure, compliant coordination of care ensures all agencies are informed and ready when the need arises.

  • Create user groups and shared channels to allow easy collaboration with disparate care providers
  • Manage sensitive data with time limited URLs, user authentication and location based proxy
  • Provide access to an extensive network of specialized services, community resources and alternative practices


Where ever the community, plan and execute effective and interactive education programs.

Deliver the most comprehensive outreach campaigns with ease.

  • Lower community risk through media rich outreach campaigns delivered via email, the web, and member dashboards
  • Allow the community to assess their health risks and see the benefits of lifestyle changes through interactive media
  • Share important health information seamlessly with community partners
  • Provide access to a channel of publicly available webcasts, videos and educational tools


Confidential, reliable, and accessible web based physician appointments and test-result reviews.

Save time, lower costs and provide top-notch healthcare through virtual medicine. mediaHUB℠ gives you the tools to instruct, monitor and share results without office visits.

  • Manage post-procedure care virtually through video instruction, alerts and follow-up delivered straight to patient devices and email
  • Participate in secure diagnostic discussions with colleagues on the go
  • Share critical knowledge as soon as it is discovered and manage alerts for the users you choose
  • Provide and receive specialized knowledge internally and externally with robust collaboration tools

Medical Records.

On-the-go, over protected servers, and only on approved devices. Records at your fingertips.

The transition to electronic health records may have been less smooth than hoped but with mediaHUB℠ all the tools you need to access, update and share critical information are in one easy platform.

  • Security protocols allow only authorized users access to sensitive patient information
  • Create time-limited sharing of vital information for outside agencies involved in patient care
  • Share electronic health information with patients easily and securely
  • Easily remove identifiable information and share important demographic health findings with health agencies
  • Analyze patient trends and better tailor community outreach and staff training


Instructional and reference videos available on-demand for professional development, training, and education.

Training, research and care procedures are available at anytime to the users who need them most. Stream, broadcast, and collaborate on your time.

  • On demand access to professional training videos allow users to learn and collaborate when and where they need
  • Provide outside instant access to video for post-procedural care
  • Robust authentication procedures keep your distribution channels secure and compliant
  • Real time streaming allows clinicians to instantly share lab results, assist remotely or review a procedure
  • Create location based channels that make the most meaningful content available to users with pre-set permissions

Kiosks & Displays.

Communicate continuously with guests and share important messages through a seamless publication process.

Do more than show local news and sitcom reruns with waiting room televisions and digital displays. Show your brightest and best content system wide.

  • Waiting areas can be equipped to deliver your content as well as channels of entertainment
  • Wait times, campus maps, check-ins, and building assignments and more are available at interactive kiosks
  • Deliver critical care information to staff through a network of digital displays

eMail & Web.

Secure email and web content management enable distribution to approved users and devices.

Make your most important, sharp, and bright content the face of your homepage and deliver updated content to user email seamlessly.

  • Schedule content updates to coincide with community events, national awareness campaigns, or targeted outreach
  • Brand your departments at each level for easy online identification and improved access
  • Schedule and send an unveiling of a new department, upgraded technology or new specialist with dynamic media right in users inboxes
  • Create restricted libraries for use only by permission within the intranet
  • Send alerts when restricted access areas of the intranet and external website are updated so no critical message is missed


Dynamically push new, user-specific content to our mobile apps.

Users want health care answers on the go and you can make all your critical content available to authenticated users on any device.

  • Instant access to the critical content you need wherever you are
  • Create and share content with approved audiences in chosen distribution channels
  • Device recognition optimizes your digital content for the brightest, clearest replay wherever your audience accesses your content and whatever mobile OS they use
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