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Protect your intellectual property while engaging clients and users across the globe.

Disparate working groups are able to easily collaborate with one another while advanced security settings protect high value assets. Facilitate product development while controlling information, distribution, and monetization all from a single platform. 

Ad Agencies.

Impress your clients at every stage of the versioning and options process.

The most innovative products and design deserve the best ad campaigns. mediaHUB℠ gives you powerful tools to stay involved so you know your work is getting the perfect treatment.

  • Collaborate remotely with robust sharing and editing
  • Set strict user permissions so only authenticated users have access to sensitive product information
  • Create, organize and share with approved users libraries of advertising video, image and copy for approval
  • Maintain agency proposals for review and organize by client, agency or product line

Product Information.

Organize product information in efficient libraries and catalogs for direct-to-user distribution.

You know your product better than anyone and all the hard work it takes to bring it to market. mediaHUB℠ gives you all the tools you need to keep everyone involved up-to-date with the added security of strict user authentication.

  • Organize libraries of all product information based on market, distributor, or even project team
  • Collaborate during development with secure, shared assets across locations, business units or with external partners
  • Create user permissions for libraries, channels and assets with industry leading security
  • Distribute critical product information to sellers directly from the platform or create secure external access for preferred users


Impress your clients at every stage of the versioning and options process.

Tell your product’s story with bright, dynamic content. Captivate sellers and distributors with engaging video demonstrations, design stories and more.

  • Deliver your content directly to sellers and distributors through authenticated access channels
  • Push press releases, version updates and future changes directly to customers
  • Distribute all appropriate ancillary marketing materials instantly to sellers of specific products
  • Invite potential distributors to view new and upcoming product information for maximum conversion with the added benefit of robust security protocols

Knowledge Management.

Manage, record, distribute, and store your most valuable asset, knowledge, for easy access.

One of your most valuable assets is knowledge and mediaHUB℠ makes it easy to manage alongside your content. Capture the expertise of your team in any format for later discovery, troubleshooting or promotion.

  • Create channels for project teams, product lines or R&D initiatives with shared access of all critical assets for authenticated users
  • Use the robust commenting and sharing tools to leverage brainstorming even when your team can’t meet
  • Create libraries of troubleshooting videos, documents and allow users to create conversation threads to augment existing assets

Device Agnostic.

Optimize your content for playback and viewing with automatic location, bandwidth, and device detection.

Always on access means you’ll never have to promise to deliver your message at a later date. Tell your most captivating story whenever you need to right from the mediaHUB℠, wherever you are.

  • Built-in device detection optimized digital content for any device on any operating system
  • Web, video and image display formatted for mobile screens
  • Reach your development team, marketers and external partners anywhere, anytime with powerful mobile capabilities allowing you to share, comment and edit in real time
  • Robust security protocols mean you can share sensitive information even on the go

eMail & Web.

Dynamically update your website content with ease for regular visitor engagement.

Your homepage is your first impression. Make it a good one and show off with bright, crisp, dynamic content seamlessly updated.

  • Schedule content updates to coincide with market sensitivities, industry events or competitor announcements and push it to user email
  • Brand your projects at each level for easy online identification and improved access
  • Schedule and send an unveiling of a new project, groundbreaking advancement or new marketing campaign with dynamic media right in users’ inboxes
  • Create restricted libraries for use only by permission within the intranet


Securely collaborate with your global workforce with no risk to your intellectual property.

Protecting your intellectual property is paramount in a world of hackers and media leaks. mediaHUB℠ offers industry leading security for all your digital assets.

  • Off site cloud storage offers automatic back-ups and redundancy for added protection
  • Externally shared media can be equipped with strict DRM and time-limited URLs to reduce the risk of unauthorized sharing or publication
  • Strict user permissions created by you with a host of authentication tools you control

Marketing Campaigns.

Create effective campaigns and set distribution right from your dashboard.

You have the tools to take your advertising campaigns directly to your target market with multiple distribution channels. Cut out the middleman.

  • Collaborate on campaigns with sharing, editing and commenting tools designed with remote communications in mind
  • Organize and share libraries of marketing assets based on target market, geography or product line
  • Create channels for media access to your press releases, product demos and video content
  • Deliver targeted digital marketing to inboxes, web banners, and mobile directly from the mediaHUB℠ platform
  • Utilize the built-in analytics to measure the performance of each campaign for better ROI over time

Social Media.

Get in the conversation and keep your brand in the trending topics of today.

Your landing page shows the freshest, brightest, most vital content from across campus and when users aren’t visiting it directly, mediaHUB℠ pushes it right to their inbox.

  • New dynamic content published to your web page is sent directly to users with access permissions via email
  • Virtual campus tours can be delivered to prospective students, potential donors or transfer applicants
  • Brand your separate web pages for consistent recognition and maximum click-through
  • Schedule and send email reminders about new blogs, time-sensitive interactive content and other perishable media
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