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It’s more than just a game, it’s a journey.

From the draft to opening day to play-offs, mediaHUB℠ helps you deliver the ultimate fan experience, supports player development, increases coaching effectiveness, and drives new monetization opportunities from every play. mediaHUB℠ can assist your organization with everything from training to outreach in one single location. Learn more about how we support your goals and solve your organization pains below. Exceed the limits. Scroll over the different application areas for more information and click to dive deeper into that area. Use the up arrow in the bottom right hand corner to return to the top.


Practice, training, coaching, and game day web and dedicated channel distribution from one central location.

You use every opportunity to improve your team and its chances for winning. Your partnership with mediaHUB℠ makes replay, footage review and remote communication a cinch. You will always be able to show, not tell.

  • Organize endless amounts of game footage for easy recall with robust indexing
  • Instantly stream opponents performance to your team on any device they use
  • Create player profiles for individualized development plans
  • Real time game capture can be replayed on demand on the sidelines, in the locker room or in the huddle
  • Securely store playbooks, player evaluations, trade negotiations and more with user permissions you choose and industry leading security protocols


Fans are at the heart of every sports organization and they are more involved and sophisticated than ever before.

Fans are at the heart of every sports organization and they are more involved and sophisticated than ever before. Never miss an opportunity to engage them at every level.

  • Deliver the latest news, video and successes through pushes to email, social media and your landing page
  • Every highlight made available on demand so every fan can relive the best team moments
  • Get every fan involved with interactive media delivered to any device
  • Sell merchandise, promotional materials and more through dynamic pricing modules
  • Create behind-the-scenes channels for external access giving fans exclusive access to their favorite players

Social Media.

Get in the conversation and keep your brand in the trending topics of today.

Every championship game, dropped fly ball, missed field goal and bad call is replayed on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit every time. Get in the conversation and keep your team and brand in the trending topics of today.

  • Push every highlight that matters with unique hashtags to all the major social networks right from mediaHUB℠
  • Get your fans involved with contests, surveys and conversations that build loyalty and provide powerful market data
  • Keep all your media branded so every great piece of content you deliver is trusted and authoritative
  • Scan social media for mentions, likes and shares so you can get your content to the markets that become loyal customers

Premium Access.

Premium access is the pinnacle of fandom. There are no limits with the mediaHUB.

Exclusive access is the pinnacle of fandom. Create channels available to only those users you choose. Premium season ticket holders, investors, media and more can see what really goes on behind the scenes by accessing the best and most exclusive of your created and curated content not made for the general public.

  • Create special access for media to report on special events, player development, team changes and special milestones
  • Give your most loyal fans, season ticket holders, sneak peeks to practices, press conferences and other exclusive materials available only to them
  • Allow for ad-hoc access with subscription pricing for non televised events, fundraisers, player appearances and more
  • Produce interactive webcasts for premium access subscribers that allow for virtual meet and greets, Q & A sessions and more


Communicate an experience. Organize and distribute media rich campaigns in diversified markets.

Not every season is a championship season, so marketing your team never stops. Organize, collaborate and distribute media rich advertising campaigns in multiple markets and make every season a winning one at the box office.

  • Collaborate in real time with powerful conferencing tools, shared libraries and robust editing and commenting abilities
  • Organize all your intellectual property securely and share with only those who have authenticated user permission
  • Create secure channels for third party agencies and distributors to access your campaigns
  • Push videos, images and news releases to social media outlets in tandem with traditional advertising
  • Brand your unique campaigns for immediate user identification

Virtual Medicine.

Player health is critical to your teams success. Bring telehealth to your organization in simple and seamless way.

Player health is critical to your team’s success and MediaHUB brings telehealth to your organization in a simple, seamless way.

  • Deliver post procedure instruction, follow-up care and simple diagnoses through video calls and prerecorded instructions
  • Free your team doctor’s time by providing simple instructions and health plans virtually to any device
  • Track player progress with electronic records and coordinate care with outside agencies through secure user permissions
  • Make instant changes to workouts, practices and game plans based on “doctor’s orders” delivered virtually to your knowledge centers in the mediaHUB℠

Kiosks & Displays.

Engage users at all points around your stadium and on the web simultaneously.

Take full advantage of game downtime by promoting special events, exclusive content and fan merchandise on every screen. Interactive kiosks at sports venues, trade events and sports bars bring your best even further.

  • Engage the crowd with interactive displays allowing them to share photos and thoughts through social media
  • Broadcast quick promotions to special events or merchandise sales during TV timeouts and between play
  • Kiosks allow fans at the local sports bar to get player stats, instant team updates and even enter contests when their team is on the road or in the off-season
  • Analyze kiosk usage by geography, user profiles, content accessed and more for the best measurement of your campaign efficacy


Make it easy to organize, edit and share of your greatest moments.

Footage from years past can be a valuable marketing tool. mediaHUB℠ makes it easy to organize, edit and share some of your greatest moments.

  • Create libraries based on seasons, players or coaches
  • Collaborate with editors and distributors on one platform to deliver nostalgic video montages honoring players, championship seasons or retiring coaches
  • Make highlights, games and promotional images instantly available to premium access users with VOD
  • Allow direct purchase or licensing of archived digital assets for personal use; smartphone lock screens, sportscaster audio for ringtones and much more

Community Outreach.

Wherever the community, plan and execute effective and interactive education programs.

Strengthen community programs with ways to be involved 365 days a year.

  • Share player video blogs with community youth programs in a cinch
  • Engage the community in new volunteer efforts, youth programs, and year-round workshops
  • Keep the gains from in-person events strong with year-round messaging and tips
  • Encourage greatness through sportsmanship and national play campaigns

Device Agnostic.

On every device in all reaches of the globe, your content is 100% accessible with zero downtime.

mediaHUB℠ device agnostic platform optimizes your content for playback and view on any device.

  • Built-in automatic device detection means your content will always be delivered in the most appropriate format
  • Create dynamic content pushed to mobile apps and device notification centers
  • Reach your fans, stakeholders and external partners anywhere, anytime with powerful mobile capabilities allowing you to share, comment and edit in real time
  • Optimized video and image for disparate screen resolutions, player iterations and mobile OS
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