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In a sea of options, make your content and services stand out.

Distribution methodologies, ownership and rights management, editing processes, and collaboration can all be accomplished in a single space with the mediaHUB℠. Protect your content while also enabling the world to see it. Coordinate post-production efforts seamlessly and move right into maximizing your earning capacity on new content.


Facilitate diversified distribution streams and monetization opportunities from a single location.

Enable your videographer on location in South East Asia to instantaneously share new footage with your editor in San Francisco as you review and share notes, directly through the mediaHUB®, on your flight from JFK to Heathrow. The world does not stop, neither will your production.

  • Multi-tenant environment allows you to quickly create sub organizations, each with their own user roles and permissions.
  • Restrict the view of works in progress with specific team members.
  • Distribute for external review via robust sharing options for authenticated and unauthenticated users.
  • Branding at your organization and at each sub organization level provides for a unique interface at every turn.
  • Control distribution methodologies and monetize your completed works immediately via the mediaHUB℠ dynamic use or time restricted licensing model.
  • Publish to new or established network channels in the format they expect with the data they need.
  • Organizing endless amounts of b-role, sharing rough cuts, making decisions on soundtrack options can all be facilitated with ease using the mediaHUB℠.


Facilitate diversified distribution streams and monetization opportunities from a single location.

Create the ultimate fan experience through a fully customizable web interface where albums, videos, single tracks, apparel and even concert tickets are distributed directly through the same platform that organizes the collaboration of disparate sound engineers and artists.

  • Enable global collaborations with artists, musicians, sound engineers and more.
  • Facilitate the production of a track or a complete album from concept to mastering in a single platform.
  • Organize artist, genre, or region-based libraries of audio tracks, music videos, recorded concerts, digital fan books, photos, press kits, and more in the easy to use multi-tenant mediaHUB® environment.
  • Share assets internally with authenticated users or send to external users using the mediaHUB℠ robust sharing options.
  • Utilize the dynamic licensing structure to support varied pricing options for every product in your catalog.
  • Maintain direct contact with your fans with no outside intermediary.


Coordinate live shows, pre-recorded programming, and set distribution rules for multiple content streams.

There are more ways to reach an audience than ever before and you never want to miss an opportunity to engage. mediaHUB℠ industry-leading, on-demand streaming, multi-tenant channels, and robust sharing capabilities give them the access they want every time.

  • Create distinct channels for your live and pre-recorded materials
  • Create user groups and permissions to involve third party contractors making collaboration seamless while still protecting your intellectual property
  • Share revisions, new copy and scripts for instant review with broadcasters, screenwriters and actors
  • Share the most up-to-date content directly with networks and broadcasters in real time anywhere
  • mediaHUB℠ built in analytics tools allow for simple measuring of content impact across market segments
  • Push media rich, interactive content to fans to provide the most engaging experience


Push content through the device agnostic mediaHUB to anywhere in the world for real time player perks.

Gaming has gone grown-up in a big way and users are more sophisticated than ever. Stay on top of your game by creating and curating the most exciting content and delivering to any device on demand.

  • Collaborate with external developers across the globe
  • Licensing tools make it easy to create structured pricing through subscription and still allow for ad-hoc purchases
  • Create dynamic, interactive content that can be delivered at any point during the gaming experience
  • Manage and distribute targeted in-app advertising and promotions from one easy location

Content Monetization.

Diversify price points per market on the same content library with full DRM and secure access, globally.

Whether you distribute dynamic, interactive video, digital assets, or real products requiring inventory control mechanisms, mediaHUB℠ secures all your intellectual property and gives you a robust set of pricing tools so you can deliver your content to customers with no intermediary.

  • Create location, market or client based libraries with user permissions you set
  • Industry low end-to-end latency guarantees your streaming, on demand and pre-recorded content is delivered just the way you created it
  • Manage price points for different markets with simple monetizing tools
  • Robust analytics give you a full picture of where, how and what markets are accessing your content externally
  • Track your best content and its creators making it a cinch to promote

Kiosks & Displays.

Engage users at every point. Push content to concourse displays and kiosks in a snap.

Get a backstage pass, upgrade to the orchestra pit, or check-in for a meet & greet at interactive kiosks. Access points at concert venues, movie theaters and trade conventions provide easy to use tools for fans to be even more involved.

  • Point of Sale allows for instant purchase of additional tickets, merchandise, upgrades and more
  • Announce line-ups, scheduling changes, venue seating charts and other pathfinder information without the hassle of information center lines or uninformed staff
  • Use digital signage to direct queues, announce changes and show past footage, interviews or glimpses of backstage or movie sets to your crowds
  • Show real-time results at gaming tournaments, celebrity appearances at live events and more with bright, crisp content delivered straight to video displays with no delay


On every device, in all reaches of the globe, your content is 100% accessible with zero downtime.

Music, movies, tv, and gaming are streaming and always on. No matter what niche you serve in the entertainment industry, you have to be mobile.

  • Built-in device detection automatically converts your media to the best format for optimal playback on any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Video and images are optimized for screen resolution, varied video players and disparate mobile OS
  • Create and distribute mobile content through apps and OS notification centers
  • Reach your viewers, editors, and external partners anywhere, anytime with powerful mobile capabilities allowing you to share, comment and edit in real time

eMail & Web.

Dynamically publish new content to your webpage or access embed codes for one-off integration.

Bring more viewers, fans and gamers to your landing page by promoting exclusive content, early glimpses and interactive media right in users’ inboxes.

  • Seamlessly send automatic email updates when you publish new content on your homepage
  • Send alerts for event updates, premieres and industry news
  • Deliver media rich content with a 67% higher click through rate
  • Built-in analytics tools make it easy to track what channels are generating page views and conversion to give you the insight you need to optimize marketing campaigns
  • Let premium access users know before new content is released to the general public with scheduled emails and mobile alerts

Social Media.

Engage everywhere with direct sharing and tracking on all major social media platforms.

You’re in entertainment and you know how critical timely, dynamic social media interaction is to your users. mediaHUB℠ pushes the best content to all your social media channels allowing you to create and curate, what you do best.

  • Instantly share your most important stories through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Create hashtags and monitor user interaction with in depth analytics
  • Track shares, likes and retweets of your social media and target future audiences with the content that matters the most
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