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Support the learning environments of today with the mediaHUB℠. Education is online.

Diversified education is critical and our education systems are more dynamic than ever before. Your content should follow. mediaHUB℠ gives you the control and flexibility to deliver all your created and curated content in one platform to the right audience every time. Students, faculty, staff and visitors will have a captivating experience at every level of access on any device.


Practice, training, coaching, and game day web and dedicated channel distribution from one central location.

No matter your conference or the size of your programs, mediaHUB℠ gives you powerful tools to promote, engage and recruit.

  • Organize all your video footage for access and delivery to your team. Pinpoint with precision the defining moments and never lose your audience.
  • Promote your team effortlessly; mediaHUB℠ can push your wins, upcoming schedule and game highlights to social media, email, web and digital screens.
  • Create sub-groups to customize access protecting sensitive content. You set the rules.
  • Captivate your audiences where they are through digital signage and banners


Records, insignia, marketing assets, and more are available for cross-campus, external, and internal distribution.

One platform for many tasks. All the tools, storage, security and flexibility to manage the workflow of busy campus departments.

  • Protect student records by restricting access and sharing with approved groups
  • Organize all your marketing assets in one place for seamless delivery through email, web and digital signage
  • Foster interdepartmental collaboration through real time sharing of strategy and mission accomplishments, objectives and goals. Work in the same space at different times and in different places with ease and direction.
  • Grow your network and spread your message internally and externally to maximize user engagement
  • Critical communications delivered seamlessly to the users you choose-- from campus wide updates from the chancellor to Homecoming celebration schedules from student government

Special Events.

Guest lectures, commencement ceremonies, and performances can all be directly captured, managed, and shared.

Appearances from prolific authors, award-winning scientists and world leaders aren't the only celebrated moments on campus. All your events, big and small, can be easily branded, broadcast and protected with mediaHUB℠.

  • Enchant your audience when you share your most celebrated events across multiple channels.
  • Capture and stream commencement to off-site audiences
  • Promote guest lecturers through integrated social media, digital display, email and web. Never miss a chance to grow your audience
  • Faculty awards and recognitions


Lecture-cast while simultaneously archiving. Make instruction captivate with a full suite of advanced learning features.

Distance learning is growing and mediaHUB℠ gives your organization the tools it needs to produce dynamic learning environments from small, short sessions to MOOCs.

  • Give more than a recorded lecture to your students. Lecture capture coupled with indexed transcripts make it fully searchable for precise recall
  • Fully functional annotations and notes make remote lectures interactive and dynamic
  • Share analysis, feedback and ask questions with other users for the most robust distance learning available

Library & Archives.

Manage and distribute all content with interactive transcripts, annotations, notes, full DRM and LMS integration.

Organize, set permissions and securely deliver all your created and licensed research materials. Provide a perfect platform for all your student's and faculty's research needs.

  • Licensed material delivered effortlessly based on vendor defined access and your security settings.
  • Push course reserves, ILL materials and other library owned assets direct to defined user groups
  • Built in DRM protects your created content from unauthorized distribution and preserves integrity
  • Manage your digital asset curation, selection and distribution with robust analytics


Support IT initiatives with ease, using on premise or cloud storage for all organization content in one central, easy-to-use infrastructure.

Storage and organization is up to you. mediaHUB℠ fully supports cloud and on-site servers for all your digital assets.

  • Hybrid storage allows for full compliance with student records and other sensitive data
  • Cloud storage is built to scale so when your libraries of digital data grow there is no need for server overhaul
  • Built-in security protocols at the asset level coupled with SAS70 compliant data centers provides robust security for the most sensitive organizational content
  • Redundancy and automatic back-up deliver an added security that your protected assets are always there when you need them

Kiosks & Displays.

Campus wide digital signage and kiosks empowered with access to al organization content in one location.

Campus kiosks make captivating your audience simple. Scheduled content distribution to information commons, sports venues and dorm common spaces mean you reach your audience at every turn.

  • Class schedules, room assignments, security alerts and even sports scores at the touch of a button
  • Deliver announcements through media rich displays that grab your audience on the go
  • Critical messages can be delivered at every access point, every time so your campus stays informed and safe
  • Create bold, attention grabbing alerts for the most crucial updates; campus security, building closures, weather alerts and more


User, Geo, IP, and Proxy based security settings for reliable access to private materials.

Robust security protocols make sure your content only reaches the users you choose Your licensed, created and confidential assets are made available with your rules and access permissions in one convenient administrative hub.

  • Robust security protocols make sure your content is accessible to the users you choose
  • Research teams can collaborate across campus, country or continents assured their cutting edge work is secure
  • Share sensitive data with colleagues, stakeholders and donors in a secure environment compliant with all state and federal regulations
  • IP, proxy, and LDAP authentication methodologies are all available

eMail & Web.

Dynamically publish new content to websites and seamlessly integrate into email communication.

Your landing page shows the freshest, brightest, most vital content from across campus and when users aren't visiting it directly, mediaHUB℠ pushes it right to their inbox.

  • New dynamic content published to your web page is sent directly to users with access permissions via email
  • Virtual campus tours can be delivered to prospective students, potential donors or transfer applicants
  • Brand your separate web pages for consistent recognition and maximum click-through
  • Schedule and send email reminders about new blogs, time-sensitive interactive content and other perishable media

Device Agnostic.

The mediaHUB performs automatic device detection taking the hassle out of BYOD.

Deliver smart, bright content on every device, every time. A student abroad in an internet cafe can easily collaborate with their advisor in a media rich environment without video crashes, long audio conversion times or document format corruption.

  • Built-in device detection automatically converts your media to the best format for optimal playback on any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Video and images are optimized for screen resolution, varied video players and disparate mobile OS
  • Create and distribute mobile content through apps and OS notification centers
  • Reach your students, colleagues, and external partners anywhere, anytime with powerful mobile capabilities allowing you to share, comment and edit in real time
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